Bring me #Magicofwarmth

It is one of the warmth stories that I share with my sibling. Similarly, everyone who have a sibling share such awesome little stories between them which makes this angry-love relationship better and different than others. It is proved in reality that in all relationships it is not the big things that happen rarely but the small things happening daily that matter the most. These small small moments matter a lot than other things in making relationships stronger and long lasting as i used to share with my brother.

One of the moments have been playing all the day and skipping the classes just for love of burger and cola.Another moment is when you hold my hand and took me to the school first time.Another moment was when I was crying and you decided to help me with my fear and get me rid of it completely.Then moments where we had small fights in our relationship time to time but you still show the path to me despite of my wrong behavior to you.Your emotions for me and taking me to gym and showing me the way to get the right exercises.Then your encouragement and helping me when parents were harsh at me and giving me right advice to counter the wrong people.All these small moments are really precious for me and they are unlimited.You are the magic behind my life and keeping me in right shape and giving me right knowledge.Sometime your present around me makes me strong and confident.You are made to make other people at ease and I remember the moment when you cried just when I left home for just two days with my school friends for holidays.All this makes you very very special in my life and your emotions are too precious for me.Your maturity makes our relationship more strong and authentic.The best thing about our relationship is that we are always looking for a reason to come together and spend good time.Our love and affections should set an example for our other sibling and friends too when we see so much of fighting and violence going on in today scenario in relationships within the family.

I wish to grow older with my family and live till the last moment with you brother. I want to be part of her every life stage and bring joy to her.There were a lot many relationships in our lives but I told you today what was best in my life. Love you brother…

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Growing with Emotions

A long time ago when we were kids we used to have fights on chocolate éclairs trying to steal others when not nearby that how we grow together. Having a twin sibling is a very different feeling. It is sometimes very much difficult for the parents also to handle the situation and also sometimes the expenses get double directly buying everything two in quantity. Yes I have a twin brother who is more handsome than me but people say we look the same. However mom says I am smarter but our marks are still the same. I think we are mirror images of one another complete ourselves but incomplete on our own.

Hope you have an idea the kind of relationship we were in as when friends got confused who is who and what to recall. Sometimes life meant to be a joke which occurred to us naturally but now when we stand together we feel double in strength to people we compare. Relationship does come with limits and possibilities. They are natural and more like friendly relationship. I think all we need is respect for each other and being available for each other when needed. You do not need to show off but still be quiet and emotional to other feelings.

People used to talk a lot about us some friends even tried to brainwash us showing one as better than another but then we had dad who always taught us to be together and made us learn to be bound by the love of brotherhood. As now we have grown up and have our own lives thankfully our children seem to be different unlike us but still we teach them the same love we use to get taught by our father.

We teach them to enjoy the slightest of the moments in life as sometimes even the smallest moment’s matters a lot. As I see getting old sitting on a chair and thinking of the past these small moments help me cherish and bring smile on my face. I would seriously like to give everyone this message that things change with time and similar is the tendency of these relationships to change with time however it is in our own hands whether we let our relationships get carried away or maintain that love and affection which strengthen these relationships.

I hope you truly understand the significance of this blog and get the moral that I wanted you all to understand. Thanks for giving your precious time reading this. And please take your relationships seriously.

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Healthy Heart With #ChhoteKadam Initiative

Every second of life is full of happiness and love and we must live a life which makes it significant and healthy at all times.Our happiness and wealth in life all lies with stable family and growth in health of body and heart.There are many more things which help to me make for a healthy heart.I believe priority comes to physical exercise and running for yourself.Relaxation is very good for mind and heart and you can unwind yourself in many ways which you feel comfortable.You could be nervous and your heartbeat could be bit faster and then you must think about something else and be calm in such cases.In my case I love to hear the classical and instrumental music while getting in difficult situation and do not find any easy way.It helps me to unwind and stay focused. It is the best technique to start the day with something you love and like.Happiness also leads to better body mental condition and makes you enjoy life.

We all have busy life and have to take up the important calls everyday but you must maintain a well balance.I have a rule to avoid any call during morning or after evening.I do not take any calls or check my smart phone. I try to avoid all form of technology at any cost and stay away from materialistic things. This helps me to divert my mind and stay away from all the issues related to professional world. I am not a social media addict and do not believe in checking my notifications or updating my online status. Instead I like to talk to my family and help in household chores.This is good for heart and myself.We all love junk food but should not be give excessive intake which could harm the heart in long run.

We should avoid drinking alcohol or smoking cigarette as they are our worst enemies to degrade our health and heart.Chain smokers are worst hit and they have a shorter life cycle.There is variety of edible oils in the market but we should use the oil prescribed with less fat content.Fat and obesity affect the heart beat and body in the worst manner.Exercise is extremely important for each and every human, as it helps the heart to grow and become healthy with every beat and pulse.All now in your hands in making proper decisions in your life related to heart.A small step mentioned from my experience here can help you live extra mile or pulse in your life.

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Heart is Well

Our heart is very sensitive and we have lot of emotions and situations which make us different from automatic robots and computers.We can sense and feel different things and react according to situation and either head or heart can rule over each other.Our heart pumps blood regularly and without any stoppage.It keeps on working for every second of our life.We see heart as the central part of our system and it is something which can be very soft or hard too when it comes to emotions.Thus we must take this organ as very important and do every bit to take care of it all the time.The best way to keep the care of our body and heart is that we can rhyme the saying “All is well” all the time and keep the mindset positive and try to relax out breadth and emotion in all kinds of situation.We must not indulge in things which can cause more pressure in heart and disturb the regular flow.We should not experiment with life too much that it causes heart issues and attacks.

I try to make sure they have good diet and fruits and green vegetable every morning and this is one of small step to keep my heart healthy.I have made an important resolution to stay healthy and avoid eating junk food or from street hawkers.This is best thing I have done to myself in life.A good diet for heart is the one which requires enough vitamins and other essential supplements to make it strong and healthy.There is strict no-no to oily food and eating heavily fried snacks.You must try to eat more vegetarian diet and restrict non veg diet if possible.Further my father explains to me many times that to believe in nature herbs and to chew tulsi leaves every day.This is best medicine for heart.

In order to keep my body and heart right on track and normal all the time,I have incorporated a yoga plan for family where we sit together in the morning and see health channel for yoga exercises and try to learn about ways to be fit and be strong mentally.This is best way to start the day and we also get up early and so it works much better as their is not much work to do or noise in the atmosphere.You can even try cycling or swimming as it helps you to keep your body movement and makes you active.

In the end I would say that happiness and wealth all lies in our hands and depends upon ourselves and we must make a commitment to have a healthy heart.

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Zapstore and Online Shopping

Zapstore is the common point which helps to communicate with consumers and also side by side integrate with the various online retailer store like Amazon,Flipkart,Snapdeal and many more.It helps to give you best price point and services at single place and you can make the correct decision at that point without opening more tabs and browsers and wasting your precious time.You can choose your category which you like and add products to your own store and share with others and your followers at same time.Creating your profile is very easy in Zapstore.Once you sign up then just go on and choose the category and then start adding the products to your collection from various retail stores.I created my Kalpana Zapstore and added so many charming and my best products in it I can count on Zapstore  for getting best deals on Amazon and other websites in different categories ranging from gadgets,jewellery, clothes and much more. .

Zapstore automatically does everything for me in customized way.It is also a chance to win the product for free and there are many customer benefit schemes running on the website as promotion for the customers which are not on the direct website of e-commerce.


I found this  ShonayaBlack Embroidered Dress Material having cute look and authentic in design.It is perfect suited for me to wear this dress in some family function and during going outside.The most important thing is the deal which says almost discount of more than sixty percent.


I am also interested in buying some computer and video games for my cousin brother whose birthday is coming soon and he is addicted and can do anything for getting them.I want to see those awesome expression on his face when I gift him those games in his upcoming birthday.One of his favorite is Grand theft Auto which is car racing and strategy game.I want to buy sports shoes probably of  Puma Modify Dp Black Running Shoes zigzag ones which offer best for running and exercise for my husband.He goes to jog in the morning everytime and his shoes makes him hurt in while but he does not have time to buy new one or repair it.This could be a great surprise gift for him on behalf of me and my children.

My list is endless but I want to stop somewhere and lookout for the budget and it goes with Dorothy PerkinsHoney Golden Belly Shoes which is quite magical in appearance and take me back to my childhood days and this is something which always would come in my dream

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New way to Shop with ZapStore

I am addicted to shopping and cannot resist myself on weekends and holidays.I have itch to shop something atleast once a day and this is kind of something which could unusual to many but for me this is normal thing.This sometimes irritate my husband as he is not in the mood to go for shopping during weekend and want to stay at home.I think this problem was resolved recently when I got to know about Zapstore which is great website for shoppers like me.I am always looking for new clothes, accessories like shoes,purse and jewellery etc for myself and my relatives.I could not believe that we can also get cash back and discounts while shopping through them while using their site.It is brilliant to be part of this amazing portal which connects me to my friends through facebook and also get the quotes of all the web postals for the product I am searching for.I do not have to separately check on each site and typing the address and doing all the calculation.

I had so much fun with friends and family  while creating my collection .Best thing about my collection is that I have chosen stuff for all member of the family rather choosing the single person.My collection involves my favorite items which I want to have in each category and products which men and children like.I have taken in all consideration while curating my collection.You can browse though my Kalpana Zapstore and checkout more about it.


My wish to the list is the geeky phone Coolpad Note 3 Lite (Black, 16 GB) which is good budget smartphone and has all the configuration and technology features which I require to synchronize and stay with the world.


Last but not the least is Air conditioner for my bedroom.I have still not got the opportunity to buy one but it is my wish to buy one for my husband this year.The reason being that he feels comfortable when he comes home and have rest.Summers can make walls of the room very hot and increase the humidity.This makes him awake and he is able to sleep in ideal way.Air conditioner is must for him and for family.I think the best which suits the purpose would be Kenstar KSM55.WN1 Split AC (1.5 Ton, 5 Star Rating, White)


Third thing to my collection is smart clothes for my cute kids.I am always looking to enhave my children personality and want them to look smart and active.I wish to make them happy and neat always.I also want to buy some books and toys for them so that they can enjoy in their free time.

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Family Member Advice

I hope you all get a lesson from my story and would not stay back to tell your feelings to other people. It is good if we share our dream with our closed ones and take advice so that to fulfil them in life.Dreams might be difficult to achieve but sometimes you have to go extra mile to achieve something extraordinary in life. Sometime it happens that when we are left alone and find it difficult to cope with situations. I am here referring to the situation where my grandmother was very ill and fighting her life and death situation in the hospital. We all had given hope and thought that she would not survive any more than two or three days. I could feel from inside that something would happen and get wrong at any time of the day. Bad thoughts were coming to my mind and I had fear and stress. Then one hand came from behind and it was my grandfather who advice me to stay calm and be brave to face any challenge or situation whether good or bad. His words were just revolving my mind and then he pointed to God and told me to go and sit there for five minutes and pray. His advice really worked for me and I was able to relax myself and get rid of fatigue. I was also able to feel more peaceful. My prayers also worked and my grandmother was out of danger and she came back to home after a minor surgery. I was happy to receive her back and spend more time with her.

Another instance was when I had met a small accident while working and fell from the stairs’ had broke my leg and it was minor injury but very painful. I had no choice but to visit doctor and get bed rest. But it was same time I had to join my team in some external project in span of ten days. My doctor told me to cancel all the appointments and have bed rest. But I had another plan and asked my sister. She gave me guidance to get yoga trainer and get guidance. I was under the yoga trainer for week and got myself enough fit to travel and walk with stick. It was now more under my control and pain was less. I was happy to join my team and my boss was really impressed by my motivation in work.

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Smart Goals

Dreams can be converted to reality only when you get support. My mother has given me chance to live my life and follow my passion. She is my role model and I admire her for commitment to me and everyone in the family. I think that her work is nothing as compared to him and it’s due to her commitment and care that now I am able to deliver the best and excel in my life. I always feel myself filled with optimism and hope. She has been given me proper direction and guidance. Her words have helped me to proceed towards my goal and enhancing my vision.

I want to share with you about my childhood. I was always afraid of going into lift and had feared that I would not able to breathe and die if lift is closed. But my mom helped to rise above fear when one day she herself took me to the hotel lift. It was due to her advice to keep my hands open and see other people while in lift.I was able to be strong and given me self belief that I can fulfil my desires and dreams. My father was always interested me to join family traditional business and work out on it but I had other plans. My mother helped me to talk to my father and gave me right advice to go straight talk to father about it and be bold. I was afraid of him but got courage from mom to keep up my head high and be ready to face this big challenge. My mother advice was right and my father was happy that I was mature enough to talk to him and tell him my decision. It was all in good faith and my talk with him was really helped me to become independent and concentrate on my career. It could have been a different story if my mother did not gave me the advice that day. I want to further ask everyone to engage yourselves to be bold and live life to be happy and follow your interests. I am very privileged in life to able to have my father and mother in life that has installed confidence in me and given me the right solution to all the complex problems. Their advice has given me success in so many things for me to make me live happy and stress free. I think that my work life balance is better due to my commitment to work and passion to excel in it.

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Raise to #TaxPledge

Income Tax is not paid by many people as they have a wrong perception in their mind that filing tax return is not necessary as they have already paid the taxes to government through TDS and government is looking this as another source of earning more revenue from its citizens. New government has taken up initiative of Clean India and other such incredible campaigns which requires resources and money. Our tax money is now going for this great cause and we all should be proud of it. Your small amount of tax deduction can help the whole society to grow and move forward.

There are certain specific jobs or companies which may ask your return statement and check if you file or not for the purpose of verification. Income tax filing helps you to understand about our current financial condition and then you can plan your future financial targets further. Another benefit of filing income return is that you do not have to approach private institution or ask your family member to lend you money and so you feel more confident and get your payment processed easily.

Our government has also given the choice to file the IT return even passed the due date. A person can also avail the benefit of tax deduction from taxable income by doing good deed like donations and giving part of the income in charity or for some social cause. With income tax filing all the income earned by you comes under white money and legal. We should refrain from getting under such conditions of avoiding tax related transactions and be law abiding citizen. If you still have not filed the tax for previous year then you can still fill in today and save yourself. This will help you to live life without any worry from government official or any such body.

I hope all this information will help you to understand importance of filing income tax return and you will start or continue to pay your taxes.

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