My baby has become centre of attraction at home and has filled the empty gap in my life when my grandparents passed away. The baby is blessing to us and now all I wish is that his every second of life is full of happiness and love. I want to stand up for him and help him to grow into a successful human being who can serve the society in future. But this is kind of my futuristic goal and now my aim is to give my child proper education and care so that he is physically fit and mentally strong to face the competition in future. This involves taking care of his body and skin too. Skin of the baby is too delicate and we must give baby bath with baby soap.

Skin of baby has to be taken care with extra alertness. Babies are very sensitive to small changes in the environment and we must try to keep them away from loud sound. We must try to eliminate noise and keep the mobile phone in silent mode so that baby does not get distracted while trying to sleep. As you feel it is the time for baby to rest, the next thing to do is make sure the baby is wearing loose clothes. In my case, I have a night gown for my kid which he wears daily. Then give his legs and arms massage with baby oil so that the baby could feel energy and his muscles are relaxed and his skin gets toned. Babies should be given diet rich in protein and vitamins. They should not be given any thing which could not be digested or too hard to move down the food piper. The baby skin can be massaged with almond oil and it can mix with home based fruit pack for skin growth.

We should give time to my baby so that he gets proper attention and feels happy. The time spend with them will help us to learn more about them and also we will take care of their skin and diet in better way. The fun moments with baby and time spent together with give you a chance to relive your stress.

Babies become uncomfortable when their inner wear gets wet but I do have to worry about it as my wife has given protection to the baby with choosing the right diaper. Diaper should be such that it promises dryness for your baby inside as we all know babies become happy when diaper is not wet and comfortable.

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