I feel very much lucky to have such a lovely husband in my life who has given me everything in life.I would like to share my own experience from my marriage. We had too many issues during the early stages of life but with time, everything came in a perfect way and there was no looking back from that time. It is true that after my parents, it is my husband only who understands me the most and gives me the right advice always. He has given me right protection and made me more responsible toward my family.

If I had to propose him this valentine then I would tell about my love and passion for him and then bend on my knees and propose him with the diamond ring. The proposal would end with the lines as everyone says “Will you marry me”. This is my plan and cupid way to express my love for him this valentine.My husband has become centre of attraction at home and has filled the empty gap in my life with his wit and humour. He always gives me freedom to do anything and never questions me anything. He supports me to the full extent as we are a joint family. The fun moments with my husband and time spent together with him give me chance to get more in love with him. He has been an idol husband and gives huge respect to our relationship and does everything to make it strong. He sometimes gets crazy and naughty as a small child and does silly things to make me laugh and uplift my mood. I am very much attracted to him and thankful to God for every second I spent with him.

I can spend hours with him without any disturbance. We both love to be together in our own world in each other company and that’s what our love and affair is all about. I bet I will have a long lasting relationship with him always due to its unique style and personality.He makes me fall in love again everyday as he shares the story about how our journey started and express it in a very creative way. Then he loves to surprise me many times with a greeting card and flowers on special days.

My entire wish is that God keep up together and we may spend every second of his life full of happiness and love.

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