I hope you all get a lesson from my story and would not stay back to tell your feelings to other people. It is good if we share our dream with our closed ones and take advice so that to fulfil them in life.Dreams might be difficult to achieve but sometimes you have to go extra mile to achieve something extraordinary in life. Sometime it happens that when we are left alone and find it difficult to cope with situations. I am here referring to the situation where my grandmother was very ill and fighting her life and death situation in the hospital. We all had given hope and thought that she would not survive any more than two or three days. I could feel from inside that something would happen and get wrong at any time of the day. Bad thoughts were coming to my mind and I had fear and stress. Then one hand came from behind and it was my grandfather who advice me to stay calm and be brave to face any challenge or situation whether good or bad. His words were just revolving my mind and then he pointed to God and told me to go and sit there for five minutes and pray. His advice really worked for me and I was able to relax myself and get rid of fatigue. I was also able to feel more peaceful. My prayers also worked and my grandmother was out of danger and she came back to home after a minor surgery. I was happy to receive her back and spend more time with her.

Another instance was when I had met a small accident while working and fell from the stairs’ had broke my leg and it was minor injury but very painful. I had no choice but to visit doctor and get bed rest. But it was same time I had to join my team in some external project in span of ten days. My doctor told me to cancel all the appointments and have bed rest. But I had another plan and asked my sister. She gave me guidance to get yoga trainer and get guidance. I was under the yoga trainer for week and got myself enough fit to travel and walk with stick. It was now more under my control and pain was less. I was happy to join my team and my boss was really impressed by my motivation in work.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”