Every second of life is full of happiness and love and we must live a life which makes it significant and healthy at all times.Our happiness and wealth in life all lies with stable family and growth in health of body and heart.There are many more things which help to me make for a healthy heart.I believe priority comes to physical exercise and running for yourself.Relaxation is very good for mind and heart and you can unwind yourself in many ways which you feel comfortable.You could be nervous and your heartbeat could be bit faster and then you must think about something else and be calm in such cases.In my case I love to hear the classical and instrumental music while getting in difficult situation and do not find any easy way.It helps me to unwind and stay focused. It is the best technique to start the day with something you love and like.Happiness also leads to better body mental condition and makes you enjoy life.

We all have busy life and have to take up the important calls everyday but you must maintain a well balance.I have a rule to avoid any call during morning or after evening.I do not take any calls or check my smart phone. I try to avoid all form of technology at any cost and stay away from materialistic things. This helps me to divert my mind and stay away from all the issues related to professional world. I am not a social media addict and do not believe in checking my notifications or updating my online status. Instead I like to talk to my family and help in household chores.This is good for heart and myself.We all love junk food but should not be give excessive intake which could harm the heart in long run.

We should avoid drinking alcohol or smoking cigarette as they are our worst enemies to degrade our health and heart.Chain smokers are worst hit and they have a shorter life cycle.There is variety of edible oils in the market but we should use the oil prescribed with less fat content.Fat and obesity affect the heart beat and body in the worst manner.Exercise is extremely important for each and every human, as it helps the heart to grow and become healthy with every beat and pulse.All now in your hands in making proper decisions in your life related to heart.A small step mentioned from my experience here can help you live extra mile or pulse in your life.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”