Our heart is very sensitive and we have lot of emotions and situations which make us different from automatic robots and computers.We can sense and feel different things and react according to situation and either head or heart can rule over each other.Our heart pumps blood regularly and without any stoppage.It keeps on working for every second of our life.We see heart as the central part of our system and it is something which can be very soft or hard too when it comes to emotions.Thus we must take this organ as very important and do every bit to take care of it all the time.The best way to keep the care of our body and heart is that we can rhyme the saying “All is well” all the time and keep the mindset positive and try to relax out breadth and emotion in all kinds of situation.We must not indulge in things which can cause more pressure in heart and disturb the regular flow.We should not experiment with life too much that it causes heart issues and attacks.

I try to make sure they have good diet and fruits and green vegetable every morning and this is one of small step to keep my heart healthy.I have made an important resolution to stay healthy and avoid eating junk food or from street hawkers.This is best thing I have done to myself in life.A good diet for heart is the one which requires enough vitamins and other essential supplements to make it strong and healthy.There is strict no-no to oily food and eating heavily fried snacks.You must try to eat more vegetarian diet and restrict non veg diet if possible.Further my father explains to me many times that to believe in nature herbs and to chew tulsi leaves every day.This is best medicine for heart.

In order to keep my body and heart right on track and normal all the time,I have incorporated a yoga plan for family where we sit together in the morning and see health channel for yoga exercises and try to learn about ways to be fit and be strong mentally.This is best way to start the day and we also get up early and so it works much better as their is not much work to do or noise in the atmosphere.You can even try cycling or swimming as it helps you to keep your body movement and makes you active.

In the end I would say that happiness and wealth all lies in our hands and depends upon ourselves and we must make a commitment to have a healthy heart.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”