A long time ago when we were kids we used to have fights on chocolate éclairs trying to steal others when not nearby that how we grow together. Having a twin sibling is a very different feeling. It is sometimes very much difficult for the parents also to handle the situation and also sometimes the expenses get double directly buying everything two in quantity. Yes I have a twin brother who is more handsome than me but people say we look the same. However mom says I am smarter but our marks are still the same. I think we are mirror images of one another complete ourselves but incomplete on our own.

Hope you have an idea the kind of relationship we were in as when friends got confused who is who and what to recall. Sometimes life meant to be a joke which occurred to us naturally but now when we stand together we feel double in strength to people we compare. Relationship does come with limits and possibilities. They are natural and more like friendly relationship. I think all we need is respect for each other and being available for each other when needed. You do not need to show off but still be quiet and emotional to other feelings.

People used to talk a lot about us some friends even tried to brainwash us showing one as better than another but then we had dad who always taught us to be together and made us learn to be bound by the love of brotherhood. As now we have grown up and have our own lives thankfully our children seem to be different unlike us but still we teach them the same love we use to get taught by our father.

We teach them to enjoy the slightest of the moments in life as sometimes even the smallest moment’s matters a lot. As I see getting old sitting on a chair and thinking of the past these small moments help me cherish and bring smile on my face. I would seriously like to give everyone this message that things change with time and similar is the tendency of these relationships to change with time however it is in our own hands whether we let our relationships get carried away or maintain that love and affection which strengthen these relationships.

I hope you truly understand the significance of this blog and get the moral that I wanted you all to understand. Thanks for giving your precious time reading this. And please take your relationships seriously.

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