#TaxPledge for Better India

Filing your income tax return is more kind of obligation for all and should be taken very seriously and considered an important task. I want to make it clear that this perception is wrong and every penny paid is used to fueling India growth and improving our standard of living. All the money goes towards making India better and improving services for their citizens. One should know that filing income tax return is beneficial in long run as one can easy apply for loans and get approval on basis of return and other documents. IT returns filing also help when filing some legal tender or during investment in big projects under the government scheme. If you know some close family member or friend is traveling outside the country then also income tax return copy is to be submitted to the authority and is required document before approval is given.

Tax invasion and trying to hide income is not a good decision and would invite heavy penalty if caught. Thus people should understand that keeping black money or hiding such facts could lead to punishment. Income tax officials are very strict on such cases and take prompt strict action which could lead to payment of heavy fine. This can affect your social and personal life giving you stress and sleepless nights.

I recommend all my readers to prefer filing your income tax return through online mode. It is certainly the best way and gets processed very quickly as compared to paper filed returns. There is no chance of losing your important documents due to human error when you file online and you can also get the record and receipt instantly without standing in the line. It is open 24/7 and further user can go back to track his last year data and check all the vital information without any theft due to better security procedures. I pledge to pay my taxes on time and file it every year and hope you also follow this path.

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My Motherhood Stages

It is the magic which happens inside when the baby goes from a single cell to develop into a complete human inside the mother womb. I could feel my baby inside me and see his growth and development just with the help of feelings and his movement. I was the centre of attraction at my home and within the social circle. I was given all kinds of fruits to intake them during this period so that the baby remains healthy and strong. This period was also marked as period of divinity and spirituality for me. I would visit the temple and pray on regular basis. My mother also inspired me to read the Hindu Gita book so that the baby gets the right values before birth and it can help me to relax and divert my mind to think positive and stay happy. My dietician would visit me regularly and guide me on the things to take and precautions of all types. I had made a point to stay at home for most of the time as it was my first experience of pregnancy and I wanted to be extra safe. Sometimes I had many scary thoughts in my mind and this would make me worry about it. I would often wake up midnight and then my husband would hold my hand and helped me to relax. It was his support which made all this phase little bit comfortable.

My mother also gave me a book full of jokes and funny stories to read and would do things so that I could remain happy all the time. Her focus would be to make me in think positive and never think about my weight or body. I had to avoid eating at fast food restaurant and missing yummy food for some time but it all ended after few months. I have also experienced a sudden trend changed and now woman are more health conscious and want to maintain their physique after birth of the child. It is natural and nothing wrong with it and even many creams have come into picture to help the mother during the stage of pregnancy to get rid of stretch marks and other common skin issues. The best one of them is using the Bio Oil enriched with essential vitamins and other things which makes the perfect formula to fight for the skin problems. I would summarize this post with idea that every woman should enjoy this time which leads to birth of another life.

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Experience to Remember

I am so much blessed to be a mother and consider it is as the gift of God to me. The power of giving birth and life to someone is only possible for woman and this is something to cherish and be proud. It takes me nostalgic when I see and rewind through the albums and see my photos of pregnancy and evolution of my child from his birth date to the moment where he now goes to school and enjoys life. My child is very special to me and nothing else can be compared to it. Motherhood teaches us about patience and value of life. It makes us responsible and gives us the power of love. Honestly I had so much fear about marriage and having children. I had so many unanswered questions and doubts about this thing before getting engaged to my love.

Our relationship was like a love story of a Hindi movie and we had a very smooth ride. Then one day I got this beautiful news and things changed in a rapid way. Everyone was worried about me and I would get so much special attention from everyone. I would visit the doctor and had so many changes in my body. I was also worried about my increasing weight which was kind of my biggest concern in that period like other expected mother. I would dream about having the baby in my hand and playing with the child. I would get all sorts of advice from different corners and so much pampering at times. It was period of getting more close to my family and husband. I could understand that mood swings were normal and having little pain. My skin complexion and colour had also undergone some change and scars were also there. I had to apply homemade solutions to repair them but they would take many weeks. This sometime would lead to stress and unnecessary anxiety within me. But if you see now things have changed and women take pregnancy with more pride and honor.They even walk out and buy the customized clothing made for this period. Cosmetic have also evolved and now Bio Oil are there in the market for protecting the skin. One of them is Marico Bio Oil which is exclusive skin care oil for removal of stretch marks and improving the quality of skin. I am sure that expected mothers would be happier with all these advanced things to make this period more simple and smooth.

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First Time Book Review-Songs of the Mist

I am glad that Indiblogger gave me the opportunity to read and review Songs of the Mist book by downloading the electronic version from the Google playstore.It is the time for summer holidays and this opportunity came at the right time. The first impression of the cover gives me view of Himalayas and its natural beauty and monk standing in front helps to relate it to the world of spiritual journey in search of peace and truth in the hills through the rays of sun and its light.

This book is written by Shashi who is a spiritual blogger and engineer by profession. He likes photography and capturing the natural environment. It is published in English language and published by Notion Press in December 2015.It has ISBN-10: 935206562X and ISBN-13: 978-9352065622 respectively with 214 pages of complete adventure and thrill. This beautifully crafted novel is now available on Flipkart and Amazon website.

The book involves people who want to get their answers about themselves and existence of life. The author tries to portray through the different characters about the evolution of life and why we exist and what is our life all about. It is all about getting answers to complex questions of our life and learning about life. The book involves different characters mainly Ashutosh, Ayan, Anishka, Vasudha and Calliope. There is a tribal girl Kyaka who is Ayan friend from his previous birth. Let me tell about different characters. One of them is Ayan who is Indian scientist working in Geneva. We have Vashudha who lives in Mumbai and is a celebrity singer. All these people come from different background and take the trip to Himalayas to see the monk and learn about real life.

I really like the author writing style which is simple but descriptive and once can understand the whole book even if a person is a novice or beginner in understanding English. The story takes me to the peak of Himalayas and you can feel the hills and everything about nature as if you are present there with the characters.

The end part of the story reveals so much hidden facts and turns which makes me big fan of this novel but at the same time, I find the mysterious turn where author has made us curious to read his next series. I recommend this book to all my fellow readers and it is completely worth it to buy and worth your precious time.

Holi Festival-Happy Time

Two festivals are very special for me and those are Holi and Diwali.Holi is the favorite festival for me since childhood and I wait for this holi every year. I am fond of colours and this is the reason of my extra love for this festival. As I sip a cup of coffee and sit around in my room, I see myself surrounded by batch of school friends who are rearing to fill their buckets with the colourful water and get ready to throw at the passerby. I can feel the thrill and excitement still and weird smile on my face which comes alive automatically as I try to imagine a young boy passing through the gate next door. I would love to travel back in that time and to my home city of birth where I have spent most of my best time as a child. I would dance with my friend on songs of Hindi films and make rangoli.Then I also help my father in setting up the programme for the evening party. I would be made responsible for taking care of colours and drinks. The party would start in the morning and would end up late in the night. We would drink and get yourself into colourful dresses and totally immersed in holi atmosphere. We would hire a disco boy who would play the music and make the party sensational. We also had a good budget for holi dance and artificial rain water. We would have buckets full of colour water. We also made an arrangement for snacks and beverages. Overall it would a great occasion to celebrate with close relatives and friends.

This is my childhood memories which still revolve in my mind and all credit goes to my parents for making it so much memorable for me. I feel it is the right time as I should take some time to visit them again to my parent’s house and give them a big hug and surprise on this weekend with a Holi party. I feel this would make them really happy and it will be a small token of appreciation to them. I will get some red and green colours and a packet bunch of balloons by my side. I will ask my cousins to gather at my parent’s house this time and we should celebrate this festival as we used to do it in past time. Life is short and we must be ready to live and make use of it.

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Holi Festival

Holi would be a festival where our extended family would get together and we would live together for two day or more. It was the time when all would dine together and go shopping together and would then spread out to our homes back after the Holi break. We would get blessings from my grandparents and they would give some reward in form of money to all the younger ones including me. I would buy some sweets for me and chips while my cousin would buy holy colours and sprays. My mother would also prepare delicacies which we would eat after dinner and after the holi celebration. All three days we would not sleep and play till midnight. We would talk in the garden and make plans for holi.

Earlier in childhood I had a little scary feeling from colours and would not play Holi.I would just run into the house when someone would try to throw water or colour on me. I would also cry and would complaint to my mom for the same. I know it was stupid but it was the time when I was too small. But slowly with times I was able to learn and started to enjoy this festival and found it very vibrant. I would keep a pair of clothes as my clothes would become wet in an hour of playing holi and then would change it. My mother would go along with a plate of sweet in her hand and colours to the entire neighbour and wish them a very happy holi.

This time on time I want to play the Holi with more enthusiasm and excitement. I want to play it with freedom and forget all my stress and sadness in life. I want to feel that world is beautiful and holi gives you a big opportunity to relax and unwind through the life. I am going to bring all the colours and pichkari in advance and also call up my cousin who live in different city now to come back and enjoy with me and my family. I will like to make it feel like those childhood days of Holi.I want to tell my viewers that holi must be played with more precaution and use of cream and oil must be done before playing the holi. This comes only once in the year and so we must enjoy this festival which is part of Indian ancient festival.

I also wish all my readers a very happy Holi.

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Memories to Remember

I am very privileged in life to able to get happiness and confidence from simple things which makes me happy.I feel glad to share with you all about some of my best memories with my loved ones that I would like to remember forever.

I had some beautiful memories as a kid.I used to be naughty and would play from morning to evening with my cousins.My cousin and relatives would live close to our house and it was just five minutes’ walk to their home.I would go to children park in the evening everyday and dance with them.I have lot of joyful memories when I start playing video games,snack and ladder, tradional hide and seek and texting jokes to friends or doing something which I want to do no matter about my age.

All childhood memories make me so much happy that cannot be expressed in words.Some of memories of my college days when I used to return to my hometown.Those moments of happiness are always special when I go back to your hometown and mom would serve my favourite recipe with extra butter over the Indian bread.There is nothing better in the world than having breakfast at home prepared by my mom.

We all love to serve my parents and my memories of fulfilling my parent’s wishes and taking them to divine trip to temples and other such places is something very special .The joy of being together and performing all rituals with my parents is kind of lifetime experience to remember forever.Then some of memories were made when I had my visit to Kashmir known as paradise on earth.I still rewind back to recall my cute pictures captured in black and white Kodak camera and wearing Kashmiri dress and having fun with rabbit in the mini switzerland known as Baisaran in Pahalgaon around 20-30 km from Anantnag.This travel experience of life will also be memorable because of snow falling and celebration of my birthday.

One of the greatest memories of life is having my own baby.My baby has become centre of attraction at home and has filled the empty gap in my life.The fun moments with my baby and family time spent together helps me to understand more about his behaviour and to find out about his preferences and likes. Handling a baby and to prevent from crying is a big task in itself and requires too much effort but his smile gives me a leap to enjoy and live new lease of life.All thanks to God for giving me so much happiness in life.

I want to give a small tribute to my mom with this scrapbook.


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Give back #Sharetheload

Our country got freedom many years ago but still we are considered backwards as the country faces the one of the biggest problem of gender inequality at home and outside for woman. This has raised serious concern about woman in India and we need to have change in approach to provide better amenities to woman and help them with their rights. We are educated but still do not take this issue in a series way. It is not only about household chores and male domination but we need to stand up and change our attitude too.

We need better co-ordination among family members and commitment from them. The worst part is that still Indian women feel insecure and have to do all work without getting any help. It is our nature that we never feel the importance of our mother or housewife who continues to work hard at home. We often ignore their unconditional love and their emotional and physical support. I am very privileged in life to able to have my mother in life. Her household chore consist of daily cleaning, making daily breakfast and picking and dropping us, laundry etc which sounds easy but very difficult to do on daily basis. I feel really thankful to my parents that they have taken good care of me and guiding me till day today. I cannot imagine my life without having mother in life. It is now my responsibility to take care of her and give her support so that she can do everything which she cannot do in early phase of her life. I want her to take rest and allow me to perform laundry operations and help in major household chores.Let us question the rules which are nonsense and be part of the change where woman are treated with respect and equality.

The need of hour is that all family members must be more accountable and transparent. We need to change with time and give woman at home to live with freedom. Her standard of life must improve and old practices must be eliminated from now. Woman should be given chance to get education and work. We must sacrifice some of our time to participate in household chore and support her. Let us abolish and ignore people who think in old fashioned way and want woman to just act like a maid. Let us learn from her about cleaning our clothes and cleaning our room and much more. It is the right time to express our love to her by sharing the load together.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

Wild Expectations

Hello to all the readers, this is a blog that I would like to devote about the expectations of a girl from her guy. I hope that it would also help the guys who really want to impress a girl and facing difficulties to know what a girl thinks and wants in her partner. Well to start on I would just say that a girl who is simple, passionate and want to enjoy her relationship would expect mostly that her partner always speaks truth to her, even though sometimes situation becomes worst and there may be communication gap but he would never break her trust and faith in him.

Secondly, like every boy wants her girl to be differently special than others every girl too want that their boy is special from others in a certain way. So my advice to all the boys is that if they really want to impress a girl then should prove themselves different from others is some or the other way.

Generally speaking, most of the girls believe in a serious relationship which is long lasting and trustful. Girls want to feel more secure than boys, they may have a lot of boyfriends before but when they think it is their age to act maturely then girls demand a smooth and soothing relationship with a partner who would never hurt them at all.

Also, girls are more serious towards enjoying each and every moment together. They feel like recording and making events special and make their experiences really count a bit towards their life. It may happen that the boy turns serious to life and money, he may also indulge in job more greatly but women doing all this always finds time to enjoy each and every moment with their partner.

Sometimes, girls often demand extra attention and they often become a little possessive on you but that reflects that they are so much caring and protective for you. Also, girls like to be gifted with surprises over a period of time and they like it when someone make them feel that they are really special to someone in this world. I would not say this as flattering but rather it is a way amplify the emotions of females because nature made them that way. That is all I wanted to tell you. I hope this would really help to understand the female figure better and would also help many more couples to enjoy Valentine’s Day by coming in relationship together.

These are my expectations which I expect from my boyfriend or husband like any other ordinary girl.

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My idol wishes

Every boy wants to know how to impress a girl but anyone tried to know that they can actually impress their girl if they get to know what their girl want from the boy they would choose for their life. It is very difficult to understand girls some say, I think they say wrong as it is not at all difficult to understand what the expectations of a girl are. Yeah, I understand that one thing is true which is that girls are a little more sensitive and emotional and that is why they believe in a stable relationship at times.

Girls want that their partner should be understanding and soft in nature who understands them and give them freedom to make their own decisions in life. Believe me no human would like to be suppressed similarly many women are against the male dominated scenario in the society. Besides, girls expect a lot from their partners like they expect that their partner should keep them happy and make them feel special at each and every small occasion.

I would go with my desire to live each and every moment of my life with my partner only so that we come close and know each other more definitely. I too feel this is really good for strong relationship. Some girls may be more possessive than others regarding the issue of relationship and they want to feel more secure they want a closed relationship with a guy who remains with her always in every situation whether it is work or normal rest time.

A boy need to understand that girls are really sweet and they sometimes think a lot in that way a boy should do whatever he can for a girl which can bring a smile on her face and if a boy really gets succeeded on that then we can say that the boy really love her and will eventually impress her to become his. It is really a tough job to impress a girl but then life become so wonderful when you have really got the right person for you on your side and that is what we say true elixir of life. So boys keep trying your luck to impress the girl and try to understand the world from the eyes of a girl, understand her expectations and act accordingly soon you will really grab her then.

All I want that relationship and bonding to be strong and based on good trust with no conditions.

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.”